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“Pasture-Raised Everything”

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Welcome to our farm!

We specialize in “Farm-to-table”!

if you’re looking for our famous 10-acre corn maze, it opens in September

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We are the Cooper Family and we have been farming in the Greater Toronto Area for almost 200 years. 7 generations of Coopers have been earning a living in agriculture. So yes, we have a little bit of experience.

We keep it pretty simply here on our farm. We love to grow & raise REALLY GOOD FOOD. We combine all forms and styles of farming practices so that our farm can produce amazing products while taking care care of the land that we farm on.

 “So what is your farm?’

Mainly, we are a diversified farm that offers subscriptions for the bounty from our gardens and for the meat we raise on our pastures. This is called Community Supported Agriculture. You the consumer has a direct connection to the farm and the farmers that are producing your food. Your subscription helps us buy seeds and materials that we need to grow & raise your food, pay a decent wage to our farm hands that help us get the work done, and provide a living wage to us the farmers. In return, we provided you with the freshest, top quality food, with incredible customer service. Basically you are hiring us to grow you really good food for you and your family.

We also do a lot more, such as produce maple syrup and offer Fall fun festivities through out the month of October (a very awesome 10 acre corn maze!). We have an On-farm store, U-pick, farm experiences and more. You can learn more about these things in the pages above, check out the navigation bars to see all of the pages and learn about all that we do!


Why Coopers CSA Farm.

“we eat this food too. We want good quality food that tastes really, really good. So that’s what i grow & raise.” -Steve Cooper

We are honest, what you see is what you get and we love talking about farming, the good, the bad, the ‘phony’, and the science. We grow GMO free, raise livestock without added hormones, and yadda yadda…. We don’ t love to exaggerate those words as it seems everyone makes these claims and it can be argued they are just slick marketing terms. You can learn about what we do and how we run our farm here.

We grow & raise safe, healthy, fresh, amazing tasting food. We raise our livestock with ethical care and let animals be animals. We grow our fruits, vegetables and field crops with care for the crops and the environment. You can come to the farm and watch your food grow!

We have lots going on here at our farm! If you’ve read this far, we hope that means you are interested in joining or maybe just visiting our farm! Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our farm.


pasture raised everything.

Regenerative & Sustainable Agriculture

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Life on The Farm


Ready for great food?

Join Our CSA

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